Friday, February 13, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 - White/Silver (part 1)

Just like with the red dresses I am breaking this color category up into multiple groups. I may have Likes, Dislikes, and Don't Cares. I mean let's be honest we already established that this is the largest category in the colors.

I will begin with the "likes" though since it is always best to start with something that makes you happy, because then you don't get so upset with the bad stuff. Start high then go down.

It was hard to get a decent image of the features of this dress that made me like it so, but there is an overlay of a lattice work of beading that is SO faint it made the dress look totally different then expected. The unbeaded shoulder strap and the cascading bead pattern just really make this dress one of those you want to stare at for a really long time!

This gown was a favorite because of the alternating fabric finish. All in white but alternating from matte to shiny made you want to keep looking to figure out if it was the lighting or the dress. I love the sweeping bead lines at the waist to really give the illusion that her waist it smaller than it is. I mean she isn't fat, but this is the way to make you look even skinnier.

Dominican Republic
Again hard to see the feature that was the selling point, but the collar of this gown has beaded fringe. It is very 1920's flapper like, but it wasn't over done. In this photo it is laying there peacefully, but when she moved that fringe moved and made you keep looking at her.

While the mermaid of this is a bit like a shelf in the middle the overall execution of this dress is perfection. The keyhole that isn't too big and connects to a collar the beautiful silver accents, which I had a hard time telling if it was beaded or embroidered. Maybe both. Either way... perfection!

Examine the skirt of this gown. The architectural lines of beading between sheer panels. This gown appeals to my inner contractor. the silver color is sumptuous and looked so amazing on stage. However it was those lines that sold me!

This halter dress is an interesting blend between Guam and Curacao. the lines of beading down the front, the silver accents. Yes all of that!

This MAY be in the wrong category. I had a hard time deciding on putting it with the reds or silvers. It is a bit blush but the silvery accents over the whole of the gown and the beautiful accents at the plunging neckline. I really love the fully covered but revealing aspect of gowns like this too.

ARCHITECURAL SIDE RUFFLE! Thank you for doing the Erin Brady dress SO MUCH better than the original. I never liked her gown when she won USA, but this is the way to make a side train couture! THANK YOU!

Sweetheart neckline, been done. Mermaid cut, been done. beaded bodice, been done. Sheer panel with lace to separate the two........PERFECTION! I love how it is has a convertible look.

So you are from Poland wearing a gown that looks like it belongs on Greece. That is okay, because it is BEAUTIFUL! The beading at the shoulder, the beautiful Grecian draping from the shoulder. This is just simplistically beautiful.

Trinidad & Tobago
This is cape wonderment! Have a fitted gown with a flowing sleeve that connects to a fantastic cape accent to the hem! YES PLEASE! I am in love with this! When the post about the Golden Globes goes live you will see Jennifer Lopez in a caped gown that too makes me gloriously happy.

This dress is amazing for it's simplicity. The simple nature of the fabric, the seaming lines, the flowing mermaid skirt. This was in my favorites merely because it was refreshing.

Turks & Caicos
Hard to tell from the photo, but there were the most amazing detailing on this gown. It had what looked like large embroidery sections that were down right elegant! they were a slightly different tone than the body of the gown so it played under the lighting of the stage perfectly!

Why she ended up in a different dress in finals is beyond me I loved this one MORE! It was stark white with silver beading. The lattice down the center flanked with larger rectangular beads was amazing and the shoulder straps had the flanked beading across them. Really this was in the architectural category of AMAZING!