Monday, January 26, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 - The Dresses

So I will do a full review of all the dresses over a few days, but I wanted to start with some statistics.

The Miss Universe pageant had 88 contestants from various countries all over the world. They arrived in Miami, for the purposes of competing for the title. They competed in a preliminary round of competition to narrow the field of contestants for the televised broadcast.

The final competition was televised and there were some gowns that changed, and these are ALL from the preliminary round of competition.

The gowns broke down as follows:

White/Silver/Grey = 42
Black = 3
Yellow/Gold = 9
Green = 4
Red/Pink = 24
Blues = 6

The girl that won the pageant was wearing a silver sequined number! The reality is that designers make almost every dress in white, black and red. Therefore you see more of those colors than any other. People think that those colors win, but it is really a law of percentages. There isn't some master plan to it, regardless of what people think!

I will do a post on each color group, breaking reds and whites into multiple posts just to make them less overwhelming. I will assess my personal preferences and what I think of the dress. Keep in mind these are solely my opinions. and I do this not to be cruel to the young women but to make people think about how they choose things for their own form.