Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 - Red Dresses (part 2)

Okay now for the red dresses I DID NOT like!

No need to start with some politically correct evaluation of why. There will be some of you that will see my comments as attacks on the girls themselves which I had originally stated was not my goal. However, when you see things you don't like usually while your disdain is focused on the object the person holding wearing or using said object gets part of the backlash.

This is a prom dress honey. It has nothing unique. PERIOD!

This isn't the swimsuit phase of competition.

Honey 1995 called they want their pink sequins back

You are a RED HEAD!!1 DO NOT WEAR RED! Much less an orange red!

 Okay this dress isn't completely wretched. It is a beautiful red with gold lace overlay. However there is a train. A train you couldn't see because she held it ALL THE WAY DOWN the stairs and then it was SO THIN that it didn't actually make a real appearance on stage. There is too much jewelry, which still is questionable at times and it is so damn busy!

Great Britain
Hey Barbie, Your dress? It's been done better in other colors.

Again another one that isn't totally wretched. I have already addressed that I like the double ruffle mermaid design when talking about the Blue Dresses, but the upper body of this one is what made me cringe. The pleats at her boobs? The remind me of a guy with his hands in his pockets wrapping his coat around your chest to get a free feel.

You are from ITALY! You have access to some of the most amazing designers in the world. And yet you were a cheap pink satin with early 2000's pleating and center panel beading. Your bits are about to fall out! I can see the stupid short lining hem. Thank god this photo doesn't show the poorly placed chiffon train under one of those tacky pleats in the WRONG spot across your butt. I am glad you like it but this is MY MOST HATED DRESS!

At least you aren't in a swimsuit, but the print? I can't get behind a print in evening gown.... NOT YET!

MauritiusThis is another prom dress. Well maybe it is a pageant dress, but for a teenager. I would have been fine with this in the Miss TEEN Universe (if that exists) It is just a sleeper with the shoulder pad shoulders.

Sweetheart, the pleating at your crotch is the only thing keeping us from seeing your bits, and the raffia string used on the rest of the dress looks cheap.

Sri Lanka
While there were other girls who were AS covered as this contestant. I did not like the overall execution of this dress. It just didn't speak to me AT ALL!

This is some hybrid of a hi low and a double skirt dress, and it does not work for me! The way the ruffle accent comes up her leg make me wonder if we will be getting a show with our watching experience. It just isn't good. change up that inner skirt to NOT look like a defunct hi-low and maybe it would be better.
Next Up..........White/Silver