Monday, February 16, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 - White/Silver (part 2)

Okay now for the white and silver dresses I DID NOT like!

I didn't have as visceral a reaction to the White dresses I didn't like as I did to the red dresses I didn't like, but still these were on my nope list.

Again this one might have belonged in another category because it is really a blush, but I don't like it! The center section going longer than the rest of the mermaid and then the tulle. I just didn't like the final outcome.

My only complaint with this one was the beading pattern. It was oddly asymmetrical, and while I ADORE asymmetry this wasn't flattering.

I don't like the sheer section in the slit of a gown. Period so the moment I saw it the whole dress was out.

The slit is a bit high for a ball gown that is THAT full, and the feathers are not in the right place in my opinion. They needed to be lower rather than at her hips.

You are from FRANCE! You have some of the most amazing designers and stylist in the WORLD and you wore this? Did you and Italy get together and say, "Hey let's see if we can blow evening gown"

Honey I know you are tall, but your designer didn't do you any favors by giving you a dress that was too short. I can not stand a dress that is too short. I can take seeing the bottom of your shoe, but the top of your foot when you are standing still....NO!

 While this one isn't as bad as Switerland (which you will see further down) it is sleepy to me. A little dated, and nothing to look at and take notice.

There are sequined fingers across your boobs, and worse yet they are grabbing at the hem of your gown. It just makes me afraid to think what those sequined fingers will do to you.

This looks like a spring dress, NOT an evening gown. The skirt had box pleats, the lace was whimsical, and the rest? Well I can't tell the lace is in the way.

The 1970's called they want their disco ball back! IRADESCENT! Really? I'm sorry your stylist didn't like you.

This grey blob was odd to me. It was as if someone started with a beautiful gown then took it to a late 1800's haberdashery and had them add trim and "stuff" to it. The texture on the skirt was distracting. I think it would have been fine without all that stuff.

Wake me up when the nest dress comes out. This mother of the bride forgot she was competing in an INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT!
Okay so maybe I lied, maybe I did have similar visceral reactions to these. Oh well.