Saturday, February 7, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 - Red Dresses (part 1)

So I had said in the original post that I would have to break up the reds and the silver/whites into groups because there were SO MANY dresses in those colors. I wanted to pull a Project Runway thing and break them into the dresses I liked and the ones I didn't. These will be the red dresses I liked.

Now she wore something different in the finals, but I LOVE this one! The fuchsia color, the stretch velvet, the fit! YES YES YES! The back was a simple V line to the waist band which was simple and unassuming. This color really was amazing on stage too! Thank you for being beautiful.

THIS WAS MY FAVORITE DRESS OF ALL!!!!!!! I started to sing Oh Canada when I saw it. I gasped with near orgasmic happiness. This dress is beautiful and unique and just happy. The simple beaded color that "V" slightly in the back and more importantly the three tiers of feathers giving the skirt a fading appearance. I want to make this dress. Not in fuchsia because that is the only thing I don't like about it. Maybe peacock blue. YES PEACOCK BLUE!!!

This gown was elegant and feminine. I liked the longer tiers and the simple waistband. The blue red was so becoming on the girl, and it was just simply beautiful.

This rose pink glitter stretch gown was very red carpet. The hints of glisten over the entire fabric and the beautiful beading at the waist were so flattering. This color too was the only one like it, which was refreshing.

Thank you Egypt for bringing your strong heritage to your evening gown. The lines of beading that conjoined mid thigh to be more modest. The side beading in a chevron shape. The beautiful scalloped edge. This was just breathtaking.

Talk about stop a moment to examine the girl. This is the perfect example of a girl wearing a dress rather than th dress wearing the girl. Her beautiful face and hair were only complemented by the color, lace and gentle beading of this gown. Sometimes the reason I love a dress is because of how the girl wears it. This is one of those moments. Her stylist was on point this day!

Okay I don't have some glowing review of this gown, but I didn't dislike it so I put it in the "like" category. Simple lace top with cap sleeve. Smooth slight "A" line crepe skirt and a chiffon train. Pretty and un assuming, but not Jamaica.

New Zealand
I don't know who made this dress, but I want to be their new best friend. The 3D embroidered flowers on the sleeve and upper bodice were a beautiful silver color. The wine skirt and train were just down right beautiful. I liked that it was one sleeve as well. Sometimes two sleeves distracts from the overall gown, and I think in this case it would have.

Thank you for being beautiful. I can see Audrey Hepburn in this dress. Wine. Hinted beading. Matted Satin. Ball Gown. Thank you for being beautiful.

This is another example of bringing your countries rich heritage into the evening gown category. This lace number is just shockingly beautiful. I can see this as a talent gown for a pianist. The MULTIPLE tiers of lace are almost flamenco in style. I actually like the slightly longer sleeve on the dress too. It is an unusual length for pageantry, but it really works on her. She is obviously so teeny tiny that you could put a full parachute around her and she still wouldn't look fat.

Thank you Michael Costello for making this in red without a sleeve. The Czeck Republic contestant wore this in gold sequin with a sleeve, and this is a MUCH better representation than that. I thought this was so beautiful and elegant without going over the edge into cliché.