Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 - The Blue Dresses

This is the fourth post in the dress review series of the Miss Universe pageant. See the original here.

I have already covered all the Yellow/Gold, Black, and Green dresses. This time we will discuss the beauty of the blues!

Well this dress was clearly stunning enough to get her into the finals. I have to admit I love this line on a dress! I consider it the peplum mermaid. It is the classic mermaid style, but has the added ruffle at the flair, which gives it a wonderful movement when walking. This color is AMAZING both as a color and on her. I like the top detailing as well. This was in some of my favorites.

I saw this and thought this is how you make quinceanera glamorous. The lace is placed perfectly to accent the unique way the ball gown skirt becomes it's own train. I loved the line of lace down the sides to mark the transition. The color was unique, feminine, and memorable. I really thought this was a beautiful gown.

Sometimes I have to remind girls that there is something to be said for stealing the show silently. This gown is NOT fancy. It is NOT beaded. It does NOT have any unique lines or styling. It is nothing more than a stunningly well fitted satin gown with a simple strap. However in this color and the way she wore it, this dress was well worth seeing.

I am not sure, but there is a part of me that thinks this is a Tarik Ediz gown. A designer I am having a fashion affair with! This matted fabric (probably crepe) with a beautiful train a skin tone mesh back and elegant detailing at the shoulders and back just made me want to watch the gown.

*Snort* I have liked this gown for prom girls for a few years, but this is, in my opinion, NOT a world level pageant gown. It is nude mesh with blue lace. Pretty but typical. Why would you go to Miss Universe as typical?

Puerto Rico
This dress almost got classified under the "silver/white" category, but there is a hint that the color is really an ice blue. the beading was beautiful on this gown and I really adored the fit as well. As a design it isn't fancy, but it is beautiful. Maybe this was a dress for the national pageant, but not the international one.
I have been in love with blue lately so I liked a lot of the blue dresses.
Next up....... The Red Dresses I LIKED!