Sunday, February 1, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 - Black and Green Dresses

The next group of dresses will be Blacks and Greens combined. There were only 6 dresses in these two groups so they can get together. Keep in mind that the original post is located here.

First let me say I am NOT a fan of black dresses ever because in most cases the stage and stage curtains are black and therefore a black dress becomes VERY hard to see against the stage design. Sometimes it works, and it is usually not as bad in person as it is on television, but these three are examples of how to disappear on stage.

This dress, in my opinion, does not work for her. The very dark hair which covers the beautiful beaded top. The coal black fitted gown that blends with the background. She just disappeared to me. She appeared to really feel beautiful in the gown, and that has a BIG part to do with it, but it did not translate on video at all.  

Costa Rica
This dress, I have no doubt, is AMAZING in person. However it fell victim to background washout like most black dresses do. The beautiful fitted beaded dress and the large flowing mermaid bottom were stunning. I think my biggest issue is how it translates on video. You can't see black! Could it be navy? With her skin tone I could see it in a pale color as well.

Again, where did the dress go? This was a beautiful ball gown. Very full and looked amazing on her, but you can't see SO MUCH of it! I have had this complaint about black dresses for years. When my own daughter wears black on stage I cringe. I just don't like how you stop looking at the girl.

I had a hard time deciding to put this dress in the greens or the yellow/golds. It is that citron color that people argue which direction it is going with the color. I elected to put it in greens so that is didn't disappear into the plethora of yellows and golds. I really like the neck line of this dress, but I am not fond of the side cut outs. The dress is memorable and as a whole I thought okay, but the shape is a little prom like.

This was my favorite green gown. FAVORITE!!!!! The roll collar with minimal beading, the beautiful train. The slight A line of the skirt. This dress was just beautiful and the contestant wore it with grace and charm. I approve. (because clearly they need my approval)

NO honey, just NO! This dress needed a train or something. The back was at the unfortunate length that when she walked it would fly between her legs and trip her up. it is a bit short in my opinion at the front hemline, and why do you have a matched corsage on your wrist! I am NOT fond of this one.

Slovak Republic
I am torn about this dress. I love the lace on the skirt, but I hate that it is a panel at the front and back flanked by solid green satin. I like the train and I love the color, but as a whole I think it missed the mark. Now I do LOVE that a red head wore green. Thank you for following the rules of red heads. One of her competition, DID NOT!
Up next...... The Blues!