Thursday, January 29, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 - Yellow Dresses

To see my starting post to this series click here. This will be the review of the Yellow and Gold colored dresses from the Preliminary competition of the Miss Universe pageant.

Let me apologize up front for the image quality. When you screen shot you don't always get the best, but the basics are there.

British Virgin Islands.
This canary satin mermaid gown is beautiful on her. While it is almost cliché to put women of color in yellow gowns I do like this one. The structure over the bust is flattering and it has a good flow when she walked.

Czeck Republic
You will notice when I do the post about the red dresses that this dress will be in that one too. Miss USA (the first runner up) wore this gown in red, without sleeves. I liked it better in red. While the dress is beautiful and it fits the young woman perfectly. I don't really like how much this color blends with her hair. She seems to be a blob of gold sequines. Maybe in forest green?

El Salvador
NO.... JUST NO!!!! This is literally 1974 GOLD LAME! While the top of the gown is breathtaking you can not take your eyes off of the bottom long enough to focus on the top. It isn't even as cool as a mirror ball! Anything but this PLEASE!

This dirty yellow lace and tulle dress is off putting for me. The opaque part of the dress is so very close to her bits I am slightly afraid I might see something I shouldn't (or don't want to see). I am unimpressed with the color as again yellow on a woman of color and this isn't even a good yellow. It looks like she did one of those trash the dress photo shoots and they tried to clean it up before she went on stage. She has such an amazing figure and the shape of the dress looks so good on her, but this is wrong.

Again with the bits about to fall out? There was a slight theme of this on some of the dresses, and I have to say I am not a fan of the dresses that barely cover the important parts and leave nothing to the imagination. I actually like this dress a lot, but I want more lace on it at the waist and at the crotch. Just make it cover a little more.

One of my favorites! The shape really accents her figure! The color is flattering against her skin! The beading at the neck line makes a dramatic statement without being too gawdy! I really did like this one.

Another offender of the bits falling out, and potentially the worst offender. This one I don't like the color either. Just like with Haiti the burnished muted shade is unenthusiastic. Wake me up when something worthy comes along.

It is hard to see in the photo, but the skirt on this is a pleated satin, and fabric selection that I personally have never loved and can not get excited about in any way whatsoever. She was VERY well endowed and the cut of the dress made that more obvious. It had a rouched bust and waist in altering directions so that it emphasized her small waist and ample bust. Now overall I like the dress, but I would have preferred the skirt NOT be pleated. Just a personal thing though.

St. Lucia
I though this was a bad prom dress. The beading was typical and the tulle skirt was expected. I don't have a lot to say about the dress itself because I think I could go to a fairly low end formal store and find this on the rack. Now I know that these dresses cost a lot and that sometimes the girls and/or their directors do not have the funds to invest but I think even the money she invested in this gown could have been spent in better ways.

Okay so I will continue on my dress review in a few days. Keep in mind that these are my personal opinions of the dress alone, not the contestant AT ALL! All of these women are beautiful and I have no doubt have done a lot for their respective countries, but this is a competition and there are always Monday Morning Quarterbacks!