Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Oscars 2015 - Red Carpet Review (part 1)

I am starting to compile this on the Monday following the Oscars, but there is a very long list of things already scheduled, so you will see this about a month late. Oh well not everything can go exactly according to plan. I probably need this month of buffer so that I can deal with other issues in my world. Why is it that when you have a plan it seems like everyone and everything conspire against you to getting that plan completed.

So I was discouraged by the Oscar gowns this year, don't get me wrong I liked a lot of them, and some of them made me dig through things to figure out who was wearing what. However there was a big movement by the actresses to not ask them solely about their dresses. They want to be recognized for their work.... Yeah I get that, but you have lost touch with how us low life regular people view Hollywood actors and actresses. You are the thing we can't achieve. We want to know what you wear, what car you drive, and whatever other intrusive tidbits of your life we can get so that we can live vicariously through you. So good or you for working so hard to portray some character on camera, shut up and tell us where we can go to look at that dress since we clearly can't afford it.

Therefore I think the dresses were a little more muted and contained. That is okay I still found 20 of them that I had to look at, and for the record I think that was basically every dress that was worth discussing period.

In an effort to make this review not an epically long one I am breaking it into two parts. WOO HOO I just love to be continued... (BWAHAHAH)

Julianne Moore
This gown is very pretty. Simple and elegant. I liked the accents but while it is beautiful I do not see it as "stunning".

Anna Faris
I happen to know this dress is a Zuhair Murad, and I LURVE him right now. The overall lines and embellishment is very elegant. I enjoyed watching her and her husband on the red carpet because she seemed really happy, and more times than not the wearer of the gown makes how the gown sells.

Anna Kendrick
Everyone was talking about how the designer of this gown was a newbie to the red carpet. I love the overall gown...EXCEPT the split front chiffon. It is a little too pageant girl for me rather than awards show. However being a first timer, and a big hit on social media at that moment means this designer is about to go rocket ship.

Crissy Teigan
This is another Zuhair Murad, and did I mention that I want to have his children? She obviously was a little uncomfortable, or highly aware, that the slit was so high because in all the interviews she was very cautious to make sure that her leg was cocked exactly like it is in this picture. Forcing the dress to fall directly against her leg so none of her bits fell out. Thank you for having the class to keep your bits intact.

Dakota Johnson
This young lady is Melanie Griffith's daughter. Melanie accompanied her on the red carpet. Melanie looked ROUGH! This gown..... Lovely! I am not fond of the seam across the waist, but the overall dress itself is very nice. I think I was so annoyed that when I tried to find a picture Melanie was in every one of them, so that distracted for me quite a bit.

Emma Stone
This dress is an Elie Saab. I like her work usually, but always want to change something just a little bit. Like this dress the back was totally open, and very beautiful. The color is unique, but fun. The waist looks loose to me. That is my issue. Now there are those pics circling of when she was getting adjusted in this dress she flashed her undergarments, but that is also the fact that usually starlets are not as aware of how a dress moves like a model (Crissy) or a pageant girl might be. Those people wear these dresses all the time. I feel like starlets really only wear evening gowns like 10 times a year.

Felicity Jones
This one was in my actual favorites. Ball gowns are really popular right now and textured fabric is big too. This is a beautiful color, the fabric selections are great and the fit is wonderful. In my maybe Top 5.

Gwyneth Paltrow
I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! Seriously. We could lose the seam at the waste, but this dress makes my dress bits tingle. I thought it might be a Tarik Ediz because it is very similar to some of his work, but it isn't I can't remember what it was, but it isn't his.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum
I didn't see this dress the night of the show. I saw this the next morning in my dress stalking. I like this a lot and think that it is a perfect fit and style for her. I can't really tell what is going on with the beading at the skirt, and think that might be unnecessary, but overall I like this one.

Jennifer Lopez
The answer again is yes. This woman has the body and personal style to just wear a potato sack and look amazing. I think the overall dress is beautiful. Now there is HUGE scuttle about how J. Lo and Robert Duvall's wife wearing very similar dresses at the Oscars. Remember my post about how it is likely that two designers will have the same basic dream?
Jennifer Lopez wearing Elie Saab next to Luciana Pedraza wearing Jad Ghandor
They had a very similar dream. There are clear differences between these gowns to the design eye, but to the average person they are wearing the same dress.