Friday, March 27, 2015

The Oscars 2015 - Red Carpet Review (part 2)

So I will finish up my red carpet review of the Oscars with the other 10 dresses that I thought were of merit to discuss. Like I said in part 1 I was a nit discouraged by the overall selections. The more I think about it the more I think that maybe fashion is moving that way a bit, but there are some designers that are doing some amazing things, so the lack of pizzazz is disheartening.

Kerry Washington
 In an interview with her she said she chose the dress because it was effortless. I have to say that it is. So much so that in my opinion it isn't worthy of an awards show. This screams mother of the bride to me. I didn't like her dress for the Globes either. That purple and pink upholstery fabric, it was bad. This is pretty but that is where the description ends for me.

Kristina Reed
 Okay this gown was a surprise for me and took a while to find a picture. She won an award and when she came on stage to accept it the dress made me sit up and actually pay attention. You may not know, but I don't watch TV full screen it is in a little window in the top corner of the monitor and I am doing all sorts of other things at the same time. I opened the tv to full screen to look at this dress. wonderful color, shape, style the works!

Lupita Nyongo
 This gown is in my Top 5 as well. It is COVERED in pearls, and was so amazing on her skin. This is the type of dress what is worth looking at up close and personal. On her skin and the cut .... Yeah TOP 5 for sure!

Marion Cotillard
When I saw this dress in the background of an interview I wanted to push the interview people out of the way. I was discouraged by the back of it, but from the front it is amazing. The back has all the fabric gathered together and a big black stripe holding it together. It look like she sat on something. However without the atrocity of the back of the gown this was in my Top 5.

Naomi Watts
Ms. Watts, this is an awards show. The BIGGEST awards show in the states for film. This gown looks like it was a bit too skimpy so you added your tube top. I am NOT in love with this. I think it is far too casual. This was a globes gown maybe. NOT the Oscars!
Reese Witherspoon
She just always looks beautiful, and this was no different. This Tom Ford number (one of my more preferred designers for elegant class) is just beautiful on her. The simplicity and basic colors is wonderful. Makes me harken back to the Tom Ford that Julianne Moore at the Globes in 2013 or Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars in 2012. I love his lines.

Rosamund Pike
 While I like this gown for a few features, this dress is a snooze for me overall. The textured fabric is wonderful the accent of the waist is great, and the lace scallop at the bust is beautiful. However she looked like a stick figure that couldn't move in it, so all I kept thinking was, you picked the wrong dress.

Scarlett Johanssen
 THIS ONE! for sure in my Top 5! This emerald green and the neckline.... OH THE NECKLINE! When she was presenting they zoomed in on her and the lines of this dress make it. This is one that I have no doubt is 10 times better in person than it is on screen.

Taya Kyle
Mrs. Kyle rounds out my top 5, for the fact that she is the widow of Chris Kyle, an American Hero. I wasn't in love with the gown as it looks a bit meternity, but I honestly don't care. She deserves all the accolades and recognition possible for her husband that served his country. I am a bit saddened that the major houses were not CLAMMORING to dress her. I appreciate that the studio brought her out. That they had everything ready for her, but why not have like 15 somethings ready for her. The woman is going through, what I can only imagine as, hell right now with the trial of her husbands murderer, and she has a moment in time to be a fairy princess. Boy if I had been at the studio at the time the things I would have done would have been so outrageous she would have felt like Cinderella.

Zoe Seldana
This gown is a beautiful example of how to drape fabric and make a woman look like a million bucks! I am totally in love with this. It is elegant, classy, and not too much. Now again not really breathtaking, but very good. As a presenter this was the perfect selection.