Tuesday, March 3, 2015

People's Choice Awards - Red Carpet Review

So the People's Choice awards are always more casual than other awards ceremonies, and like the last two posts I am WAY behind as this show was in early January! Oh well I am trying to catch up here folks. I mean I am writing this in LATE January, but once it posts you will think me a total slacker.
Don't Care.... Move On.....
Angelina Jolie
One of the fancier gowns of the evening, and there are elements here that I like. Remember the Amy Adams dress at the Golden Globes? The cris-cross rouching and the flowing skirt are great! I am not a fan of the sleeves, but it is were done more like a cape then O. M. G. I would be in love!

Daniella Ruah
I love the color of this dress. It is purple, but in some photos it appeared blue, which is a direct reflection on the photographer. Anyway this sleeve is really fun with its little valances and then to have them at the hip as well, but it isn't over done here. I like the draping of the whole thing.

Emma Stone
So I didn't include her in the Golden Globe comments because that was a bad pant suit, just google it for your reference if you like. However I like this one! The green is a green color and the way the coat is made is really awesome. Pants are rearing their ugly heads on women at formal affairs, which to be honest I find distasteful! BE A GIRL!

Ginnifer Goodwin
How appropriate for Snow White to wear white! She is so beautiful in this vintage style. The neckline the sleeve the waist the full skirt I mean didn't vogue do this in 1956? Still classically BEAUTIFUL!

Guiliana Rancic
I have said it before and will say it again. When you pass judgment on fashion for a living then you should always look the part. This is no exception. I adore midi length and the fabric is so flattering! I mean this is just divine!

Karina Smirnoff
PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS! Sometimes I am not a fan but for these events I am! This is a wonderful print and a fabulous cut. Just basic and classic. I keep hearing my mother in my head, "if you wear classic styles you will never go out of style".... BUT mom you wore shoulder pads!

Katherine McPhee
This is how you make people notice your BOOBS! The thing I love the most? The contrast! It is just one of those dresses that you keep wanting to look at and try to figure out.

Portia DeRossi
I love that you are pretty. I don't like that you are gay, but that is your thing. However this pant suit...... Thank you! The upper bodice is so amazing! I want to have this EVERYWHERE! I would change the bottom to a skirt, but the top! YES YES YES!

Taylor Swift
Another fancier dress of the night and while I think she would have been better in a different color I adore the cut of the dress. The sort of sleeve and the plunging neckline? I just adore it all!

Pants Suits
So I am not really going to talk about each one but merely make a statement about women in pants. As a safety coordinator in a manufacturing facility I have to wear pants and generally it is pointless to even attempt to look like a real girl, but this is down right too much. Women should look feminine! I am not saying that a woman can't look feminine in a pant suit, but do that at something OTHER than an awards show. Please dress like a real girl. All these designers that want to have their stuff seen that will let you wear it for FREE! PLEASE don't wear a pants suit, or I might start calling you Hillary. (and not in a good way)