Friday, March 6, 2015

Grammy Awards 2015 - Red Carpet Review

So as always I am behind, but I am writing this the morning after so not really, but for you it is behind. This will be one of those posts that has more than my preferred 10 dresses, but there were so many to choose from and I had a hard time narrowing the field. Not to mention that there were a few dresses that needed to be discussed for their horror!

Crissy Teagan
Can we say a slightly more covered version of Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes? If you were in love with Kate and you are not comfortable with that much of your body hanging out, then YUP this one is for you!

Erica Campbell
Hello there chiffon cape! This is super elegant and I am in love with the color. Pantone may have loved a very close color to this for 2014, but I am still in love with this color. So much so it is the color of my marker board and desk glass in my office. YEP I love this color!

Iggy Azalea
Wile everyone was busy talking about her hair I was only looking at this dress. I love how so many designers are pulling the little bits of sheer panels into gowns and making them down right amazing! I mean first it is royal, and second the lines are so feminine and beautiful.

Katharine McPhee
I am not totally in love with this color on her skin, but I am in love with the color and the dress itself. I am always really only looking at the dress anyway. The side panel cutouts and the center embellishments..... Thank you!

Katy Perry
This beaded gown is absolutely beautiful. I love how the lights catch it. Now I wish it had been longer. I wish it didn't appear to be so sheer. HOWEVER, I still love the dress. Seeing a designers gown and wishing it had a few other features is how new designs come around.

Kimberly Perry
This is a pageant gown if ever I have seen one! I love the beading and the simple black is just classic. The whole look is just perfection in my opinion.

Mary J. Blige
Talk about a woman that knows how to dress for her age and body type, and looks so amazing doing it! This gown is stunning on her and the architectural beading is so elegant and unique. I think that is accordion pleated fabric at the bottom, but I will suffer through it this time since the rest of the gown is so perfect.

Rita Ora
Sherry Hill had a gown that was all mirror ball like this, but had these grosgrain ribbon lines between the beading. However I have to say I think I like this mirror ball better. It is a BIT over the top, but it is the Grammys and I expect a few things that will make me question how influenced you were by illegal drugs when you were getting dressed. This dress hinged on my good or bad list. The final vote was good.

Taylor Swift
This was my favorite gown of the night, hands down! The color fade and the shape is just perfection! I love the high low while still being very classic and stunning. Do you notice the little slits at the shoulders!? See they are everywhere and I love them... Almost all of them.

Toni Braxton
There are a lot of ugly things you can say about this one, but overall it is a win in my opinion. The beading looks like an arrow or sword blade stabbing her who ha, but it is an elegant look overall. The Grecian draping and train are just classically beautiful.

I was really happy to see this one. The stripes are vertical and the colors are amazing. The only thing I wasn't a big fan of was the fit, but let's keep in mind sometimes these things you have to take as they come, there isn't time for alterations etc. Overall though this was a really refreshing look.
OKAY...... NOW FOR THE MISSES! Pageant Planet does this thing were they post photos and say Hit or Miss. You can comment your opinion. While I do not typically fall for the worst dressed temptation, these were too bad in my opinion to not comment on. Please remember I am writing about the dress, NOT the person (unless of course I note otherwise)!

Jane Fonda
The 70's are done. They have been done. While pant suits are kind of in right now, this is NOT how it should be done, and to add your beaded curtain to your neckline? Seriously I have loved the things she has worn in the past, but whoever put her in this was mad at her that day!

Kim Kardashian
We all know you have a butt. You have made it your claim to fame. When you have ample curves please don't make it worse by adding heavy beaded pockets to your bath robe. The cuff, the shoulders, the pockets!? This is awful! JUST FREAKING AWFUL!!!
Comment on the person.... I found it very unclassy to have a photo of yourself kissing your baby daddy with his hands grabbing your butt like some sort of greaser. If you want people to think of your differently, then you need to present yourself as such.

Paris Hilton
I said I like simple unique classy cutouts. I never said cut everything out of the dress and bead the rest! This is too much. She has a glittery arrow pointing to her abdomen. Is this the way you announce a pregnancy? I am baffled by this one. Do not like it at all!

Joy Villa
This atrocity was saved for last on purpose. This is a comment on the person. "Honey what were you thinking?" I have been in construction for 20+ years. Did you drive through a construction zone and see the fencing and think, "Hey I should wear a dress made out of THAT STUFF?" Is this the unconventional challenge from the current filming of Project Runway and we will see this again in 3 months when the show airs? Why are you so happy about it? I mean you do realize that is construction fencing RIGHT?!?!?!?
HATE THIS ONE! I can't not possibly express enough now much I hated this!