Saturday, February 28, 2015

SAG Awards 2015 - Red Carpet Review

Again this post is WAY LATE, but better late than never when it comes to dresses.

These are my top 11 picks from the SAG Awards. I tried to narrow it to the nice round 10, but I couldn't pick one to dismiss. You will see that 3 of my favorites from the Golden Globes have made it to the SAG list as well. That usually indicates that they have an amazing stylist, or they are truly in touch with their own brand and style and know how to sell it.

Amy Adams
Again the color! I love Royal blue and navy blue right now! These lines are wonderful the strategic cutouts and the asymmetry of it all! It is just so damned beautiful!

Camilla Alvez
This plum gown is stunning! The rouching at the bodice the comfortable mermaid line and the side train, done well I might add. I love this gown.

Claire Danes
I debated for a second on adding this to the group. The dress isn't dramatic really, but it is simplistically beautiful. The color is calming and flattering on her skin tone, and I love how it is draped.
Emma Stone
As Emma Stone grows up I love her more. This is what, in my opinion, Lindsey Lohan could have become, but Que Sera Sera. This gown is so elegant and dramatic. The sheer panel in the front and the skirt make it appear like you could go from work to an evening out by adding a skirt to the bottom. I doubt it is convertible, but it should be.

Felicity Jones
This has been a highly talked about gown from a lot of sources. I am not in love with the color, but I do love the lines of it. The cross at the neck line is a unique way to create drama in an understated kind of way.

Gwendoline Christie
This dress makes me SO HAPPY! The red satin with the plunging separated neckline and the AMAZING skirt! I can only imagine as you walk in this your butt and hips sway with such confidence!

Julianne Moore
Red head in Green! AS IT SHOULD BE! Now this gown isn't over the top design wise, but it is just down right beautiful on her! The color is dead on what every red head should wear! Well I mean purple and navy are good, but GREEN!!!!!

Kimiko Glenn
I am in love with the side flair on this garment. It is so couture and beautiful. I think the color washes her out, but there is something to be said for letting simplicity take the lead. I don't know that I would have selected this simple. It is only the SAG Awards though.

Lupita Nyong
I love prints in the right places, and this is the PERFECT PLACE! This stripe over floral ball gown really is just a wonderful way to make an entrance. I loved her last year in so many things, so it was nice to see her in something wonderful again.

Reese Witherspoon
Simply Elegant is the only way to describe this. We saw this shorter sleeve in the Miss Universe groupings and I like the idea of the asymmetrical sleeve. Plus it is bridal ivory rather than dead on white so it really looks sumptuous!

Stephanie Beatriz
This was the other dress that I debated on adding or subtracting, but I kept it for the lines. I mean seriously there are a million seaming lines, and they are all in alternating fabric sheens, and that just makes the dress so much more interesting. I am a little unsure about the separated sweetheart neckline, but it doesn't make me too furious, so I guess I can deal with it.