Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Only One Way to Skin a Cat

So when the boy is gone I have the worst cases of insomnia known to man. I get very little sleep and when I do sleep it is broken and restless.

I surfed across a cross legged talk show, that is what mom called them, and they were discussing copyrights. Basically the guy was saying that a seamstress in Boise Idaho that makes a custom gown that ends up being seen on a red carpet or runway by some big named designer doesn't mean that one copied the other. It also doesn't mean that either person actively sought to copy the other.

The human body has two arms and two legs. There are only so many ways to cover the body. When you are a designer/fashion stalker/seamstress you see things you may not even think about how you have seen something that inspired you. I look at gowns a lot and sometimes parts of those gowns get together and have dress babies in my dreams. Then I make a dress. Sometimes I seen those gowns in my dreams and then later on see that some other designer had the same dream.

Now a designer in Lebanon DID NOT see my dress and did not actively seek to copy me. NOR did I actively seek to copy him. We both had stupid similar thoughts somewhat close to each other. That is where the grey lines of fashion copyrights happens. Now If I make a dress and I use the picture of his dress to market my dress then I have clearly broken a copyright. There is a potential that using a photographers images on my blog for a dress review might get me into trouble because sometimes I don't know where the photo comes from. I can track it down, but I can also find that image on five different websites.

I do not wake up and try to break the law. In fact I try very hard NOT to break the law. I have learned a few things in my life about that and I just think it better to be a proper upstanding citizen. While sometimes the good guys don't win. I will sleep better at night (when the boy is home) knowing that I have done the right thing.

Here is what you need to realize and remember...... Until the human body sprouts a third arm or second head it isn't likely that somehow somewhere we won't accidentally copy someone else's work.