Friday, March 13, 2015

Goya Awards 2015 - Red Carpet Review

I know those of us here in the states may not even care to pay attention to any kind of awards handed out in the rest of the world, but I stalk dresses. So when there is a red carpet that is a perfectly good reason to stalk a dress.

The Goya Awards are held in Spain and are the equivalent to the Oscars here in the states. The following are the dresses that made me turn my head on the Goya red carpet.

Andrea Duro
This gown is just elegant and simple but if it doesn't turn the head of the boys then there is no hope for society. The modified sweetheart neckline with the single sleeve and the basically simple lines are just amazing. I actually love the belt, which usually cuts a girl in half, but I fear this gown would not be nearly as amazing without that belt.

Aura Garrido
This gown is just stunning! It is so unique with the single sided cape/sleeve! I love the light embellishment of the braided trim. The asymmetry of the lines and the cream and black color scheme is perfection for a film awards show.

Blanca Suarez
I happen to know that this gown is made by Zuhair Murad, and at this moment he is the designer I would leave my family for to work with. While there are a ton of designers I might do that for, this man is at the top of my dress stalker lust list. This silhouette is very popular right now the sheer top with lace embellishments and the large ball gown, however this is a magnificent color!

Carmen Elias
This is not a unique silhouette, but it is a very unique way to go about achieving the look. The lines are just beautiful for shaping the gown without being over bearing and distracting from the wearer's beauty.

Carolina Bang
This dress is just down right vintage divinity. The velvet sweetheart neckline with the sleeve and the drop waist and the satin (or is that taffeta) ball gown skirt. I just adore this gown. I don't know how old this actress is, but I would say her gown would work on almost any woman that is not a size 2-4.

Elena Ballesteros
I love a green dress on a red head. ALL THE TIME! This is a simple gown with a fairly standard starburst beading pattern, but this just looks amazing on her.

Elena Furiase
I have seen this rolled collar thing on a few gowns now, and I just adore all of it. On the right person with the right bustline it will make you just look better than god made ya. This one is done right! She looks like absolute perfection in this gown!

India Martinez
So if you are one of my four readers you know I am in love with navy right now. You know that everything that walks in navy almost always makes my faves list. This is not much different. This gown is not anything outstandingly unique, but this is navy and just beautiful!

Nieves Alvares
The top of this gown is what first caught my attention. I had to go find the actresses name and then find a full picture of the gown. I am not as in love with it in full figure as I am up close of the front. Mainly because of the color fade that is more of a childish line than it is a proper fade. However the tuxedo lines are just so unique and a great way to bring the men's wear look to an evening gown which I prefer to a girl wearing a tux.
Ana Belan
Again its a royal blue, which is maybe my second favorite color right now. This is a simple ball gown, but as I have said before there is something wonderful about stealing the show without saying a word. This is perfectly executed!

Leticia Dolera
I am loving floral prints, and the frustrating thing is that so many people tell me this is too fashion forward for my area. Well I don't care about the area I am in I care about the dresses! This one is magnificent!
As you can see some of the images were properly credited with who and what, but as always the lion share of my images come from internet stalking of gowns. I wish more photographers provided their images like this. I want them to get their credit but I just wanna stalk to the dress.