Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BAFTAs - Red Carpet Review

This is the Emmys/Golden Globes for Great Britain. BAFTA stands for British Academy for Film and Television Arts. These are the highlights that I feel came out of this red carpet.

Natalie Dormer
I could do with out the lace gloves, but the navy and black?! Yes please and thank you! This is elegant and feminine and just beautiful!

Nimrat Kaur
I love the capelet style sleeves, and the overall design is just fantastic. Now I am not fond of the pepto bismol pink color, but if you look past that it is a beautiful gown.

Reese Witherspoon
Always beautiful and elegant. The plum is on my favorite color list right now and the boob gap is such a tease! I love this gown!

Julianne Moore
I have said it before and I will say if again..... REDHEADS SHOULD NOT WEAR RED!!!! This gown is beautiful but not on her. I would loose the collar though too it chops her head off.

Lea Seydoux
This reminds me of that one yellow gown from the Universe preliminaries. Although these cut outs are not my favorite. I am on the fence about the color on her skin tone, but it seems to be okay enough.

Marion Cotillard
Now this is Dior, and I do love Dior, BUT there is a flower growing off her hip. It is hard to tell where that cutout goes, but it could be cool, or not so much. This particular color of yellow lends itself to taking over the photo and preventing you from even looking at the girls for any amount of time, and it does that here. I mean it is cool and architectural, and I do like the dress, but it is one of those I like it BUT dresses.

Felicity Jones
Because I have recently watched the Chanel spring show and I am kind of in love with all the 3D flower embellishments I love tis dress. However I will say Chanel has done it MUCH better than this meager attempt. I like the skirt being black mesh over the pink fabric and the two color thing is a little more common right now than I think I have seen it in a long time. Overall a very beautiful dress.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw
This makes me think of late 1800's bustle period. The train is perfectly bustled to accentuate her hinder half. The color is so subtle and demure and the pleating at the front with the black piping accents is just so pretty in my opinion. This is a breath of fresh air.

Edith Bowman
I can not really tell if this dress is navy or steel grey. It may be both in reality. It could be navy fabric with steel grey beading who knows. Either way... STUNNING! The lace at the neck line is so flirty and the shape of the gown is perfection her shape. This is a win for sure!

Amy Adams
Always a classically beautiful woman, this is no different. There is a bit of a fit issue at the waist band, but it isn't significant enough to make me cringe. The waistband reminds me of Miss Venezuela from the Universe pageant preliminaries. It is just a divine look for Ms. Adams.