Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Golden Globes 2015 - Red Carpet Review

So I get it this is WAY late after the fact that I am writing about the dresses, but sometimes I am unable to write quickly after the event, so I have to dress stalk after the fact. I have gone through everything and I have my top 10. This does not mean that these are all the ones I like, but I try to narrow the field to 10. They are not listed in any certain order, but read on you will know which ones I am having a dress affair with.

A good stylist will tell you that the dress should never wear you, and it is clear that in Hollywood awards shows the wearer is only made more beautiful by the dress. These are great examples of that.

Julianne Moore
Thank you for being a beautiful red head that makes it look flawless. I adore the way the sequins fade form light to dark and the addition of just a few feathers at the bottom make this gown just look amazing.

Ruth Wilson
I can imagine that this dress made a worst dressed list or two, but it is okay for some people to be wrong. First the color is SUPER FUN with her complexion and hair and the minor piping lines are just a great way to shape and flatter her figure. I adore this!

Amy Adams
aka Grecian Goddess
She has been such a beauty in the past few years, and I think this lilac/periwinkle color is just down right divine on her. The rouching and the small drape in the back just only serve to make the overall garment that much more beautiful.

Nancy O'Dell
Capelet/Sleeve/Drape Royalty. The lines of this dress are more than amazing! I don't even know how to truly express how much I love this color and the overall execution of this look on her. Barvo!

Felicity Jones
This gown is simply gorgeous. The Peacock color with her slicked back hair! The way it makes her waist look rail thin and just complements everything that makes her beautiful. This is the simple ball gown elegance of today.

Katherine Heigl
In the Navy! This color is so big right now and this dress just proves the point. Simple, elegant, flattering, and just perfect for her skin and shape. I adore this gown!

Heidi Klum
Well first it is Heidi Klum! This gown is just beautiful, and I have no doubt with the way Heidi is "IN" she would make a potatoe sack look amazing!
Giuliana Rancic
If you are one of the people that spend their days criticizing others fashion on such a BIG scale, you should never appear at a formal function NOT looking like a million bucks. I am in love with the double ruffle mermaid but this particular one is unique as that little short top ruffle is a perfect shelf to the lower skirt. I love the little lapels on the bust too.

Jennifer Lopez
This dress is TIED for my FAVORITE of the night. I love how it is fitted and not. Revealing and not. Sleeved and NOT! I am in a phase of adoring the cape and capelet, but this is a way of approaching that whole look with precise accuracy! Thank you J Lo for making a splash yet again!

Kate Hudson
Here is my other TIE for FAVORITE. I mean really it is Kate Hudson. How can you not be in love with her body! She is so comfortable in workout wear and evening gowns equally that you just almost want to hate her. Well you can hate her if you like, but PLEASE don't hate the dress!