Thursday, February 19, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 - White/Silver (part 3)

Okay these are the dresses that fell into the snooze fest. I didn't dislike them, but nothing about them made me happy. These were just dresses on girls on stage in competition.

I don't have much to say. These are the dresses I put in the snooze fest, so yeah I don't know... It's white.

It is a ball gown with no sleeve and a plunging neckline. ZZZZZZ

It is beaded in lines, and just touches the floor. No train, no fancy stuff, nothing really. I didn't even feel like she sold the dress on stage. Now I know she won, so clearly she did something right, but I just didn't think the dress was part of that.

Oh a sweetheart neckline with a dropped waist and a sheer flowing bottom. zzzzzz

A keyhole on a girl with large (possibly fake) breasts. Oh and a few feathers at the bottom.

This might have been pretty, but I don't know, she never let go of the train. A lot of girls held their train coming down the stairs, but she never let go! It is pretty, but that is about all I can say.

Oh look another beaded gown with a sheer flowy bottom. okie dokie.

She is from Kazakhstan and she looks like a Kardashian, in her mirror ball silver gown. Seen it.

A grey to silver fade on chiffon. with a beaded top. This is pretty, but this is an international pageant.

Wow another beaded gown with a sheer flowy bottom. This theme is getting old.

South Africa
A 3/4 sleeve? Everything else is zzzzzz.

Oh a beaded top with a sheer flowy bottom........

Pretty, but not impressive.

A beaded top with a sheer flowy bottom. Seriously MOVE ON!

a beaded top
sheer flowy bottom
Oh but wait.... Feathers.

no words.
been done
move on
I really just did NOT fall for any of these. Some had a few interesting notes, but nothing that was substantial enough to make me want to sit up and pay attention.