Sunday, February 22, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 - The Favorites

I figured I would finish up this nearly month long journey of the Miss Universe dresses with a recap of all the dresses that were my favorites.

While my social media had more than one comment about her veneers and how she looked like she had horse teeth, this dress is in the favorites without a doubt! The color, the double ruffle mermaid, the fit, the fabric..... CHECK!

Again THIS IS MY FAVORITE DRESS!!!!!! This is the type of dress that people remember. Now there is something to be said that the dress becomes such a BIG feature that you don't look at the girl but stare longingly at the dress. This probably falls into that category, but as I am in love with dresses and this whole series is solely about the dresses I am not really concerned about all that other stylists nonsense.

Thank you for fabric nap. Thank you for making something interesting without screaming at the top of your lungs. Take a breath and exhale in happiness while looking at this gown.

Again this was in my top list because of everything that it is. While Canada may have forced you to  look at the dress and not at the girl this made you look at the girl in awe. She was beaming and this was just tasteful complements to her every move.

Simple elegance and steal the show without saying a word. Again exhale in happiness.

I know when I discussed the red dresses I liked I commented about the way she wore this dress rather than it wearing her, but I just adore this gown and the way she looks in it. I mean she is elegant and graceful and basically I want to know her!

When Erin Brady won in a white dress with some side skirt train thing I did not like it, but this one... THIS ONE! This is done in everything that is couture wonderment! This is how it SHOULD have looked!

Ahhhh when flamenco meets Indochina! The color, the sleeve length the multi tiered lace train! Breathtaking!

Trinidad & Tobago
While some may have that comment of "she looks like she is wearing a base jumping suit" I think this is a magnificent transition from a fitted jersey gown to flowing drama. I mean she is from Trinidad and Tobago! Why wouldn't she wear something that screams the islands!