Friday, January 16, 2015

The Great Gatsby

I have been asked to costume the Great Gatsby! Seriously I don't have time to do a full stage production but if I turned down Daisy I would be the worst dressmaker in the world!

My weekend will be consumed with choosing dress styles, and picking fabrics. I will measure the cast members next week, and I am over the moon!

Stage productions are one of my favorite things because it is like Halloween year around! You get to create a persona in every possible way. With any luck the people in the play will realize that persona and make the entire character come to life. We shall see, but as for me and my machine we will sew the dresses.

There are only 4 female characters and really the top ones are Daisy and Mrytle. I will of course address all the characters in parts, but for the main reality I will make those two and everything that is the roaring 20's.

I plan, after creating the full costume plot and sketches, on sewing at least one dress this weekend. I do have a spa relaxation planned on Saturday because after all the sickness in my home over the last 6 weeks I need to feel like a healthy person for sure.

With any luck by the end of the weekend I will have a dress to share. I am feelings teal or maybe purple!