Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Starting Renewed

I have been out of commission for seems like close to a year now. I was very busy, had some personal matters to attend to, and mainly needed to clear my brain.

I have been working on some custom pieces and focusing on private customers for a while. My new year new you resolution for 2015 is to refocus my blogging efforts more on the sewing portions and reopening my Etsy store with a renewed focus there as well.

I enjoy teaching people to sew so much that I want to teach little bits here and there as I go along so maybe there will be a renewed embrace of this craft that I think has gotten a little lost. While there are a ton of sewing blogs and seamstresses out there that likely will and do a better job than myself maybe they don't relate to people in a way that works for every reader.

I will try to make it simple, but might get it buggered up along the way.

Hope it works, hope it helps, and hope you sew more regardless of me.