Monday, February 17, 2014

Organization Shmorganization

So I went back to a regular job, and I have been trying to organize my office so that I can enjoy my time at home and be more productive. I have done TONS of online research and looked at all those fancy schmancy pictures of other peoples sewing rooms, and crafting spaces. Thank you Martha Stewart for making me feel even more inadequate.

Then it occurred to me. I can't do a damn thing those people do......

Why you ask?

Well they have regular rooms with regular windows and walls and doors.

I have a room that is 10' x 15' with two walls of floor to ceiling glass one 10' wall with a 6' wide opening (no door, jut opening) smack dab in the middle of it, and another 15' wall with another 6' wide opening about two feet from the window wall and on the other section of the wall that might be cool for storage there is ANOTHER opening that is about 3' square maybe 4' off the floor.
No way to have fancy storage in this space!


There is just no reasonable way to have all those awesome bookcases with cubbies in them like all my peers. I see this post from another one of my favorite sewing bloggers, and it occurs to me that I am just screwed. I have so much more natural light but I have even that much less space to organize. I have fabric shoved and stored in every closet, bookcase, cubby, and nook I can find and as always I am always snatching up more fabric and as always I am not sewing as much as I want on my own projects. I look at storage like Gertie and I think I could do that, IN ANOTHER HOUSE!

However I am going to try to make a better effort at that. Since I have gone back to a regular job, then I can't take as many big stage productions and things that have strict deadlines. I will probably not sew for others, well except the special people, for a while and will just make what I want. If stores want to buy the pieces that is awesome other wise they will become wonderful additions to my Etsy store. Of course my girls are hoping their chances of getting more clothing will go up, and that is possible, but as I always say the seamstress family lives in tatters.

So much for actual organization I will continue to limp along in frustration and see where it takes me.