Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Friday - Dress for the Occasion!

Today for fashion Friday we are going to discuss the difference in how to dress for different events, occasions, etc. So many people have not been taught, learned, or even paid attention to what you should wear.

When you watch the red carpet events in Hollywood, assuming you do watch them. You don't see Nicole Kidman show up to the Oscars in jeans and a t-shirt with a ball cap on. These rules apply to the rest of us as well!

Fabio-Wanna-Be you can
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  1. Men's Formal Attire - This means you wear a tuxedo! Not a regular suit. There are a lot of differences guys, but it is subtle. For the purposes of this discussion we will use this picture, found on the internet and as far as I know it is fair game to use.

  2. Women's Formal Attire - Ladies this means the dress touches the floor in the front as well as the back. One of my favorite formal designers is Tony Bowls because he is from Arkansas and he makes a great dress. There are too many others I love to list them all, but remember FLOOR LENGTH. Most designers call this evening wear. 

  3. Men Semi-Formal - Here is where you can wear your suit. 

  4. Don't have a LBD? BUY ONE!
  5. Women's Semi-Formal - Okay here you have a bajillion (yes it is a word even though spell check doesn't recognize it) options, short, long, short in the front long in the back, removable train, sparkly, shiny, glittery. This is where party dresses, prom dresses, and most thing people think are formal dresses actually belong. 

  6. Dressy - This means boys can wear slacks and a sports jacket no tie is expected. Girls this means a semi-formal style dress with NO sparkles. Some prom dresses fall into this category. This is screaming LITTLE BLACK DRESS!!!! 

  7. Even in Paper
    Dolls its bad
  8. Business Attire - Men you need a crisp dress shirt and a pair of dress slacks. Women you want a skirt and blouse, or nice suit type outfit. I HATE pant suits, they may be Hillary Clinton's go to item, but I think they are too manly, and women you have power in the workforce you should use all the tools of that power. I like to tell people, "You don't hammer a nail with a pipe wrench, girls don't wear pant suits"

  9. Business Casual - This is wear men wear a shirt that is more casual and less crisp white shirt, they can do the plaid shirt and a more casual slack like dockers. Women, again with all the options and possibilities. You have dresses, skirts, prints, solids, this is where that awesome date dress that makes your waist look small and your chest look awesome can come out, or even the saturday lunch with the girlfriends dress too. 

  10. Casual.... HOLY COW the sky is the limit, because you are going to the lake or shopping or to the dog park, and as long as your clothes fit, aren't torn, and clean you are good to go. Otherwise go change. 
People the worst thing you can ever do with your clothes is to have it too tight, too short, too big, torn, dirty, or just plain ugly. When you go out in the world and you see that girl (or guy) that looks so bad you are pretty sure your retinas have been scorched just because you looked at them, that is what you want to avoid!

Be a friend, don't let your friends look bad. If they look horrid, tell them so, help them make it better. They are a reflection of you as well. People will see you with that hideous person and think, what kind of friend are you anyway you let her (or him) go in public like THAT?!?!?
Seriously? On Purpose? What does this say about him?!?!