Monday, March 5, 2012

Ladies Undergarments MATTER!

So this morning I was trying to think of what would be my started post for the week. I received email notification of one blog I read about the Users Guide to D*** Pics. I was curious and figured sure while I drink my coffee and the pundits have it out on Morning Joe I will read Jewels post.

HOLY SHATNER I about died laughing, and if I had a voice right now someone would have heard me (different story). So I have received pictures like this, but oddly enough the senders followed the rules, which was a relief that my choice in men has been rational.

However after reading this it occurred to me that women need a post like this too. It all began on Saturday afternoon.

Me: Do you own a skin tone no line thong?
Contestant: NO! Those things are uncomfortable!
Me: Don't care your getting one!
 * she begrudgingly agrees and gets the necessary undergarment
Not her actual photo sorry fellas! 
While getting into the first outfits for the fashion show she notices a panty line on another contestant with a suit on. She asks if she has a panty line. NOPE!

THEN she notices a different girl in a casual dress with a beige tool skirt and BLACK PANTIES! These girls are about to walk out onto a fashion stage with BRIGHT lights and her panties are visible under plain fluorescent lighting in a conference room. Now no one tells this young lady that her panties are showing because she is a real pill and we all want her to fail.

She says to me, "Thank you for making me buy panties I can't stand!"

So ladies here is the advise.

1. Get fitted for a bra! It may be strange to have a perfect stranger feel you up and measure your naked form, but you need to understand that those things have to fit properly and you will look better when they do. If you gain or loose more than 10 pounds get fitted again!

2. If you are wearing unlined dress slacks, wear a thong. Heck if you can get used to them, just wear them all the time it solves lots of problems with regards to wedgies, panty lines, visible undergarments and so on.

3. If you are wearing light colors make sure your undergarments match your SKIN TONE! A white shirt doesn't get a white bra it gets a nude bra so that it doesn't show through the blouse.
Example of what NOT to do! 

When you go clubbing all sorts of horrible things are done to draw attention to yourself, but when going to a job interview, a date, anything that you want people to take you seriously then don't draw the wrong attention to yourself.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the People of Wal-Mart! They didn't take this simple advice regarding proper undergarments (or anything for that matter) and have ended up on the best point and laugh site EVER!