Sunday, April 15, 2012

Choose your Clothes WISELY!

So I wanted to give you kind people a little more fashion advise. I know sometimes you go into your closet in the morning and you stand there for ten minutes trying to figure out what in the world to wear. If you are getting ready for some event, that time frame gets a lot longer.
I will own this one day! I swear it! 
I am going to also reestablish some known rules that seem to have been forgotten!

First: When going to a business meeting
All of these items are essentials! 
NO! Regardless of what men say!

Second: When attending a Wedding

See nice reasonable colors! 

The Bride wears white! NOT YOU! 

Third: When attending a Funeral

Wear black people! You are in mourning! 
Unless you are the dumb ass mistress!

Fourth: When attending a formal event

Simple Elegant and Classy! 
You pay by the hour for this girl!

There are a million things that people think is acceptable, but I have to say this.... Just because some freak in New York or Los Angeles says it is a great idea doesn't mean it is.

They thought these were good ideas too. 

The goal is to flatter your form, not look like a bolt of fabric and feather puked on you.