Saturday, June 24, 2017

ALL the hair pieces!

So as I have progressed into my accessories for my overall looks. I have been making hair flowers to accompany so many of my looks.

There is only one issue with that.....


I saw a storage method at a friends house that I knew I needed for myself. Now she has little girls, and we all know our little girls start with bows and ruffles. So it only made sense to use that system for a big girl too!

Now this is what my first storage looked like after a very short amount of time... SOOOO, in the words of Idiocracy... UPGRAYD!

Here are my supplies for the additional items:

1 roll of 1" wide ribbon 3 yards long
                                                       1 package of "D" rings
                                                       2 packages of Command strip hooks

I cut the ribbon into three equal parts. The best length is about a yard each, and I had not put my first storage onto a "D" ring, so this gave me the chance to fix that.

I used a lighter to seal the ends of each piece of ribbon, and merely wrapped the end over the "D" ring and stitched a simple line. 

That would be NON matching thread, but I was being lazy. 

Lazy is okay, sometimes. :) 

 Then I placed
the command hooks on the wall using the directions on the package and hooked each ribbon onto the hook by the "D" ring. 

Then simply clip the pieces onto the ribbon. 

So now I was able to space out my hair flowers a little more and still have two empty ribbons awaiting all of there new fun accessories. 

TO THE STORE!!!!! :)