Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Back on Track!

The last two years of my life have been an insane asylum of life happens nonsense. However I have finally gotten back to where I am sewing regularly, and finding a balance.


I have finally settled into accepting my personal style, Judgey McJudgersons be damned!

This has been such a learning and acceptance process for me and I am so excited to share it all. Here is a brief low down on the things that have changed.

Love Life
Both daughters have been all over the map
General family stuff

Literally nothing in my life is anywhere near what it was 2 years ago, and I feel like I am in my 20's I have so many options available to me.

The best part of it all?! I have reached that point that every woman wants to get to that I am good with myself. Yeah so what if I am 50 pounds +/- overweight. I'm still hot. I have gotten a clothing style that I love and makes me feel like a million bucks. I am mastering my hairstyling techniques and my makeup techniques so that I love how I present myself.

Mainly.... I AM SEWING!!!!


That is like the very biggest deal of all the big deals. This entire blog was really started about sewing and I have had so much trouble getting to that point. I now need to share it all because I need outlets for my creativity, and I enjoy the writing portion of it all. Mind you I am by no means good at it, but hey we can't be perfect ya know.

So I will be making every effort to write at least once a week about something related to sewing, fashion, personal style, or whatever else fashion related strikes my fancy.