Monday, January 27, 2014

Mad about Vintage

I know I am WAY behind the television viewing public as it wasn't until season 6 of Mad Men that I started watching. I got through the first five seasons on Netflix, and then through season six during original airings.

Yeah Yeah I know WAY BEHIND!

However this show has clearly revived vintage in an elegant and realistic way. Most of the time when we see vintage clothing it is the pieces that have survived the moth balls of our grandmothers attic. Formal wear and on occasion the rare daily wear piece. Clothing, like anything else, isn't vintage until it is. We get tired of that look and we give it to good will, or just discard it. Then 20+ years later everyone is wearing the same thing again. It happens over and over again the 60's (thanks to Mad Men), 70's (thanks to American Hussle), the 80's because so many of us are still romanticizing our youth, and our kids will do the same for the 90's and 00's.

So here is what I have to say about vintage revival. I LURVE IT!!! It is more about the lines of the dresses, and the expression of femininity that isn't overtly sexual in nature. A woman can be sexy and be FULLY clothed. I try to remind people that being beautiful and sexy isn't being nude. Being a woman is a powerful thing and you can use what god gave you to wield power better than a sword could ever dream.

So here are some of the garments that I am in love with from Mad Men. This is a small gathering of them because there is at least one per episode that makes me happy, and it would just be too much to post them all.

 That green dress of Joan's is STUNNING!!! Not to mention, again, my favorite sewing blogger Gertie has a pattern line with Butterick, and 5814 is basically the same dang dress!


You can dress like Joan! As far as the show goes Joan is my favorite fashionista closely followed by the 50's swing couture of Betty Draper. After watching American Hussle I fear that all things 70's will be making a comeback next. If I can find a hairy chested Travolta look alike I would totally put an unbuttoned satin shirt on him.

EW that just made my skin crawl! LOL

All photos in this post have been pulled from google images and multiple other locations on the web, no copyright infringement is intended. They are merely being used as reference shots.