Monday, June 24, 2013

Miss USA 2013 Dress Review

So I am writing this the morning after Miss USA, but it won't publish for a week or so. Anyway I watched Miss USA, and I had been watching online at the preliminary photos that were coming out. Thank you Road to Miss USA. I had some real LOVES and some real HATES! The part that is still in my craw is that I hated Miss Connecticut's dress and she freaking won. Now I am happy for her, but that dress made her look deformed.

Anyway here are my favorite dresses from 2013 whether they made it into the top 15 or not

Too much hair, but STUNNING gown!
PTAL didn't like this one, but it speaks
This is just classically beautiful!
A little swan lake, but I am in LOVE!
The lines of this are just amazing!
Charlese Theron, Dior, Oscars that is all!
I love these painted dresses!
This was just amazing and I love the beading
I am just in love with feathers and mermaids right now
Covered up can be sexier than exposed YUM YUM
Again Painted YUM!