Monday, April 30, 2012

UPDATED: Then we can be Lesbian lovers!

Hell Yeah I look like this at 6AM! 
So my BFF calls me at 6:30 in the morning central time because she knows I wake at the most unreasonable hours everyday of the week.

BFF: I have to tell you something, but you can't tell my parents

Me: Well seeing as how I live three hours from them and don't talk to them unless it is a family function I think we are good

BFF: There is a job at really awesome hospital that opened up and I applied!

Me: BAD ASS! Your mom will be so happy, but you can't tell her because she will start looking for houses before you have gotten a call from them.

BFF: I know, but I had to tell you.

We go on about our days and at lunch we have the following phone conversation.

BFF: I am really obsessing about this job

Me: I am obsessing about my job too.
*Clarification: I have applied at a different really awesome hospital and am waiting to hear*

BFF: They close the opening on the 19th

Me: They will start reviewing mine no sooner than the 17th

BFF: We are in sync again! AWESOME!

Me: Okay then we should pray to all the powers of the cosmos and stay in sync because when we are in sync things happen in pairs for us and all is well with the world.

BFF: So your saying that if this works out it will be either really awesome and we both get new jobs or it will suck ass and our lives will go down in a flaming ball of shit?

Me: Yep! But here is the plan! If we both get the jobs then you move closer to home and we can shop once a month together and your mom will pick out houses and daycares and have you pregnant before you know what happened. If we go down in flames, you divorce hubby, I kick boyfriend out, we live together as lesbian lovers with a streaming porn site of our lives.
Yeah I would totally do this! In COLLEGE! I have kids perverts! 
BFF: Stop trying to sleep with the nanny

Me: Hey if we have a plan then we know what to do once we have results!

BFF: Okay I gotta go back to work. I am glad there is a defined plan I feel better now.

Oh and this happened while I was sitting at a table in the student center of a local university surrounded by five other people of which only two knew me.

Yep my life rocks!


I wrote this when it happened but I will provide an update once we have information. Because I was on a roll and had a bunch of other posts scheduled, and I didn't want to mess up the plan see.

Between the time I wrote this and when it was scheduled to go live, my BFF started a blog. Go visit her! I bet she has a much nicer blog than me, she is a better person than me LOL.
UPDATE: She and I both have gotten phone interviews. Hers went really well and mine is next week. I have been practicing for a phone interview for a while and in person one too, so I am going to do my damndest to get this freakin job!